Paul is slandered and accused by antagonists before the Roman governor Felix, but he maintains a godly integrity.
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Paul faces rejection, abuse, and injustices with a blameless innocence and a commitment to the gospel.   You may view the Sermon Video link at
Paul arrives in Jerusalem where James and the elders warn Paul that he faces zealots and the council. Paul will exemplify humility to follow their advice and reach people based…
Paul is determined to follow God's will to go to Jerusalem despite constant advise against going from Christian friends.  If you would like to watch the sermon on YouTube use…
This passage challenges us to have Biblical churches with pastors that grow and guard the flock from false teachers.  To watch the sermon on YouTube, use this link:  
In Paul's farewell, we see he lived for God's causes and denied himself to further the gospel.  You may view the YouTube video at this link: